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To calculate your GiveBack use the sliders below to enter in the average balance of your deposit and loan accounts or type in the box. To find out how we calculate your GiveBack payout visit our FAQ.

Account Balances*

(Max $1,000,000)
(Max $1,000,000)
Auto/Personal Loans
(Max $150,000)
Checking Line of Credit
(Max $500,000)
Mortgage and Refinance
(Max $1,000,000)
Home Equity Line/Loan
(Max $500,000)
Regular and IRA CDs
(Max $1,000,000)
Business Loans
(Max $1,000,000)
Money Market
(Max $1,000,000)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the GiveBack be paid annually?

The Board of Directors determines this each year based on how well the credit union performs. 2019 will be our sixth consecutive year with a payout and we hope to continue this yearly for the foreseeable future.

Who qualifies for the payout?

All personal and business members are eligible to share in the Workers GiveBack Program.  You must be a member as of December 31, 2018.  The amount of the payout will be based on your 2019 year-to-date average balance in all eligible accounts.

When there is a Joint signer on an account who receives the payout?

The primary account owner, or tax reported owner, will receive the total payout into their membership account for all of the accounts that they are the primary account owner.

Is the payout reportable for income tax purposes?

Yes. The payout is reportable on IRS Form 1099-INT for 2018 and will be reported with all other interest paid on your accounts. The 2018 payout is paid in April of 2019 and will be reported as 2019 income. This excludes payouts for IRAs.

What happens when a Primary account owner is not primary on an eligible deposit account?

The payout will be deposited into an eligible deposit account that the primary owner is a joint owner.

How will the GiveBack appear on my statement/account?

The GiveBack will be posted as "GiveBack" into the account listed on your GiveBack notification.

How will we inform members of their GiveBack earnings?

This year all members with an email address in COCC will receive an email informing them of the amount they have earned for their 2018 GiveBack. If the member does not have an email address on file, we will send them a letter ONLY if they are earning $10.00 or more. Members earning less than $10.00 without an email on file will not receive a notification. NOTE: All members with IRA’s will receive a letter regardless of the GiveBack amount if we do not have an email on file.

How will members receive their Giveback payout?

The payout will be deposited into the primary account owner’s membership savings account. If the primary account owner has more than one membership savings account, then the deposit will go into whichever account was opened first. If the primary owner does not have a membership savings account, the deposit will go into an eligible deposit account that the primary is a joint owner.

Why aren't balances held through the credit union's Retirement Planning & Investment Center eligible for the dividend?

The credit union is truly appreciative of the trust and confidence members place in us by their relationships with our Retirement Planning & Investment Center. The funds managed by the Center however, are non-deposit investment products. They are not held as member’s deposits within the credit union and are not available for making loans to other members. Since the majority of the credit union’s profits come from its primary activities which include deposits, loans and traditional banking transactions the funds managed by the center are not eligible for the Giveback.

Will eligible accounts closed during the year be included?

Provided that you have a membership account on December 31, 2018, other accounts that were closed during the year will be included. The amount will be less than if that account was opened for the entire year because it is based on the average balance for the year.

Please note: IRA savings and certificates closed prior to the GiveBack payout are not eligible.

How can I donate my GiveBack to charity?

You make your donation directly through Workers from your digital banking account. Donations cannot be made through the branches or call center at this time.

Can I donate my GiveBack funds to more than one (1) charity?

Yes, you can donate all of your GiveBack to one of the offered charities, or you can donate portions of your GiveBack to two (2) or three (3) of the offered charities.

What are the charities that are accepting Workers Credit Union member GiveBack donations?

You can donate all, or a portion, of your 2018 GiveBack to the following three (3) charities:

  • The ARC of Opportunity - Supporting individuals with disabilities and their families in North Central MA
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central MA
  • 2nd Chance - a no kill animal shelter with 3 locations in the region

What accounts are not eligible for the payout?

  • Accounts managed through Retirement Planning and Investment Center
  • HEAT Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Student Loans
  • IOLTAs
  • USDA, VA, & FHA sold Mortgages
  • Conveyance Accounts

How is the Giveback calculated and what accounts are eligible?

We take your 2018 average balance for all eligible loan and deposit accounts and multiply a percentage to that balance. The following accounts are eligible for the payout:

Please note: The 2018 GiveBack payout will be on April 4, 2019

30 GiveBack Points* (.003)

  • Personal and Business Checking Accounts

20 GiveBack Points* (.002)

  • Consumer Loans (auto/personal)
  • Checking Account Line of Credit

10 GiveBack Points* (.001)

  • Savings Accounts (Regular and IRAs)
  • Mortgages
  • Finish Line Refis
  • Home Equity Loan and outstanding Home Equity Line balances
  • Commercial Term Loans and Mortgages
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • IRA Certificates of Deposit
  • Money Market Accounts

*Definition of a Basis Point - A unit that is equal to 1/100th of 1%. For calculating your payout, 30 basis point is equivalent to .003; 20 basis point is equivalent to .002; 10 basis point is equivalent to .001. Calculations are an estimate and could vary based on specific factors.

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